A World Cup Tale

The atmosphere of the World Cup in Brazil was unbelievable and I really want to convey this by telling an uplifting story that was told by the two English guys I met in Ouro Preto.  This capped off an inspiring day of so-called solo travelling, where I escaped the madness of the World Cup in the big cities of Brazil.

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Belo Horizonte: Worth The Trip?

Hardly one of Brazil’s top tourist destinations, the country’s 3rd largest city found itself on many itineraries this month for hosting 6 World Cup matches in its 58,000 seater stadium, Brazil’s 2nd largest.  For me and my 5 English companions, this included England’s pointless game against Costa Rica, where England were already eliminated and Costa Rica had already progressed to the 2nd Round.  But was it worth the 2-day trip?  Was there enough to keep me entertained?  And ultimately would I recommend  anyone to visit Belo Horizonte outside of the World Cup festivities?

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