Salvador: Opportunities gained, Opportunities missed

Belo Horizonte was hot, Rio was hotter, but heading North to Salvador felt more like tropical Brazilian climate.  I ended up spending 5 nights in the state capital of Bahia, visiting the old town of Pelourinho, watching the scintillating World Cup quarter final ties and trying to soak up some sun.  My visit didn’t go exactly to plan but I will describe my changing fortunes…

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A Brief Escape to Paraty

The over-indulgence fueled by World Cup fever was responsible for another rushed visit to one of Brazil’s cinematic colonial towns, Paraty.  It was a desperately needed escape from big cities, hectic street parties and bustling crowds.  The slow-paced, laid-back vibe of Paraty soothed me from the outset and left me wishing I could stay days or weeks longer!

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