The Dos, Don’ts and Discoveries of Amazon River Travel

Spending a week sleeping in a hammock on a boat travelling along the Amazon River truly sounded like the tonic for a World Cup hangover.  And yet I was unsure of what exactly to expect.  So here I will try to convey this unique experience by identifying how best to prepare, what to expect and reveal the (mostly positive) discoveries I made along the way.  Warning: May contain sunsets.

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Amazon Rainforest: My Jungle Diaries

The Amazon Basin contains 6 million square kilometres of river and jungle, just over half of which lies in Brazilian territory.  My trip into its depths was probably the culmination of my Brazilian travels, provoking my imagination to images of wild cats, snakes, monkeys and macaws, amongst dense jungle, giant trees and along eerie rivers.  Guidebooks, tour agencies and online reviews of course dispel such unlikely notions (at least for the usual 3-5 day excursions).  So what exactly did I discover during my jungle experience?

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