Overseas Transport Misdemeanours

Having recently written a blog entry about my time spent in Leticia, I felt inspired to record and share an impressive compilation of ten calamitous episodes that involved driving (bar one) various forms of transport whilst on my travels.  I previously termed these in my incomplete Australia and New Zealand blog as “costly Australian errors”, but on each globetrotting trip I seem to fall afoul to some sort of incredible situation and the recurring theme is transportation.  I have been driving back home in England since I turned 17 and passed my driving test in April 2006, but have not had any major incidents nor speeding fines, merely a car park graze, a snowy drift towards a lamppost and a night-time minor fender bender with an overtaking car – and there were contributing factors there too!  What possibly makes thing worse is that I have never owned a car, so these mishaps have occurred to or involved other people’s vehicles!

I will also explain how each altercation was not my fault and I hope you are able to sympathise with my apparently unending run of bad luck.  Feel free to let me know if I have missed any out or to leave a comment berating me on my stupidity!

Disclaimer: If you are a prospective employer then these incidents are based upon fictitious events that happened to a friend of mine.

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