2 Sides to Iguazu

Tucked against the north-eastern tip of Argentina, and breaching the borders of Brazil and Paraguay, lie the legendary Iguazu Falls.  Stretching 2.7km /1.67 miles (that’s double the width of Niagara Falls) across 275 individual waterfalls that are mostly around 64m (210ft) in height but as high as 82m (269ft), Iguazu is generally regarded as the most impressive in the world.  For more facts and some particularly beautiful photos, check out this brilliant summary.  The falls are accessible from Puerto Iguazú on the Argentinian side or from Brazil’s Foz do Iguaçu and most sources rightfully advise travellers to visit both sides.  It is generally agreed that Argentina offers the close-up experience while Brazil provides more of a panoramic view, but you will have fantastic views from the Argentinian side and you’ll get close enough to get drenched under the Brazilian falls.  Let me tell you more about my comparisons…

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Buenos Aires Diaries

Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, was my first stop in South America.  Here I would kick-off my epic adventure.  Flying on my own, I was shortly joined by two friends where we would see the sites, begin to soak up the World Cup fever, eat the best steak in the world and, of course, we were there to “enjoy” Argentina – by diving into B.A’s renowned nightlife!  I have recounted all our endeavours over the 6 days.

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