A Brief Escape to Paraty

The over-indulgence fueled by World Cup fever was responsible for another rushed visit to one of Brazil’s cinematic colonial towns, Paraty.  It was a desperately needed escape from big cities, hectic street parties and bustling crowds.  The slow-paced, laid-back vibe of Paraty soothed me from the outset and left me wishing I could stay days or weeks longer!

My ‘double-hangover’ of Brazil’s second round victory and partying in Rio left me behind schedule, having to catch a bus to Paraty after a visit to the unmissable Christ the Redeemer statue.  While trying to stay flexible and not book ahead, my intended bus was fully booked so I had to travel during the majority of both France’s and Germany’s second round victories.  I arrived at my Paraty hostel only in time to see a dramatic final 15 minutes of extra-time as Germany eventually overcame Algeria.

Patitiba Fort

Patitiba Fort

But with the stress and hassle of travelling behind me, I unwound with dinner and cervejas on the beach, Praia do Pontal.  This gave me an opportunity to catch up with some friends online, burying my feet in the sand after having my ankles annihilated by mosquito bites!  A peaceful evening was followed by a tranquil morning: watching sunrise from the beach; gazing across the bay from Patitiba Fort; and strolling along Praia do Jabaquara to the sounds of Bob Mary soothing my soul.

After breakfast on the beach, I concluded an all-too-short-stay by detouring through the colonial old town.  I strolled past baroque churches along cobblestone streets, some of which were so uneven that passing cyclists couldn’t help but amuse me!  Merely fourteen hours from arriving I found myself back at the bus station rueing another rushed visit and promising myself a second more relaxed visit next time.


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