A World Cup Tale

The atmosphere of the World Cup in Brazil was unbelievable and I really want to convey this by telling an uplifting story that was told by the two English guys I met in Ouro Preto.  This capped off an inspiring day of so-called solo travelling, where I escaped the madness of the World Cup in the big cities of Brazil.

The guys were watching a match in Belo Horizonte’s Savassi neighbourhood.  I picture them watching a game on the streets outside a bar amongst a mass of people (as I had done days earlier).  One particuar tourist somehow managed to drop his camera into a drain and was obviously devastated at the loss of all his irreplacable World Cup memories.  Nearby fireman were informed and inspected the drain.  They left the scene and returned half an hour later with the necessary equipment to remove the drain’s cover and lower one man inside.  By this stage quite a crowd had assembled, watching intently when the fireman returned the tourist’s camera covered in filth.  After wiping the camera, the crowd drew breath as he pressed the power button.  When the camera’s backlight switched on the crowd erupted in cheers and so ensued another World Cup party in the streets of Brazil.  No doubt the man added many more memorable photos to his World Cup collection that night!


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