Day-trip to Uruguay

On the fifth day of my time in South America (and Buenos Aires) we decided to tick off another country by taking a trip across the Rio de la Plata to Uruguay.

The price caught us a little off guard but £80 each got us 4 extra passport stamps and a 1hr journey to peaceful Colonia del Sacramento.  Other options in Uruguay included Montevideo, the capital city, but this would have been either a longer ferry or an added bus journey from CDS.  Besides, CDS offered a welcome break from the chaos of the streets of Buenos Aires: without crazy BA taxi drivers, we able to stroll through the cobbled streets, past al fresco cafés and along the riverfront. Dogs seemed to rule the roost here, walking us out to the edge of piers jutting into the Puerto Viejo (old port) and accompanying us for lunch and beers in the sunshine.

Impressed by our guidebook’s review of one particular restaurant, El Rincon, we walked in circles searching for lunch.  The recommended ‘Chivito’ sandwich (a bun crammed with steak, bacon, ham, egg and salad) left much to be desired but we managed a friendly, albeit broken, conversation with our Uruguayan host.  Football was the main topic of conversation as he helpfully pointed out that Uruguay were playing England soon (as if we didn’t know that already), while he didn’t think much of Argentina’s chances of progressing beyond the group stage (what with their tough opponents of Bosnia, Nigeria and Iran)!  Having explored the entirity of this quaint town during our morning ramble, we lazed in the sun and finished a relaxing afternoon drinking Uruguayan ‘Pilsen’ cervezas and playing cards.

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